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If you've had the good fortune to travel with Sisi, please tell us about your experiences in the form at the bottom of this page. Here are comments from some of his customers:

In summer 2011 we had a wonderful 8 day Sri Lanka round trip with Sisi as driver and guide. We strongly recommend his services, because he is an extraordinary decent, friendly, warmhearted, experienced and reliable man. Our boys are 12 and 14 years old and they quickly became friends with Sisi. He´s just great with kids and their demands. All the time he tried his very best to offer us whatever we were interested in doing and our convenience was his primary goal. We arranged our individual tour in advance by e-mail contact, it was planned in a few mails, and everything went perfect. Now we recommend Sisi as a guide to all our friends that are planning a Sri Lanka holiday.

Sabine, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Sisi was hired by our family for a 21 day tour of Sri Lanka (August 2011) and soon became a family friend. From the outset he organised our thoughts into a tour which we had total input into. We spoke with Sisi and made changes as we went that made our trip even more enjoyable. Sisi's suggestions added so much more to our trip. Our children, ages 9, 13 and 15 came to appreciate this fine man. He looked out for them and provided aspects of our tour to benefit them. He would see what our needs for accommodation were and book ahead what was needed for us. He provided information that allowed us to make the best choices for tours and other cultural highlights. This man is more than a driver, more than a tour guide and more than a font of information; Sisi is a gentlemen, an honest and reliable man, someone our family calls a friend. We look forward to the day when he comes to our country and we can be a tour guide for him.

I thoroughly, and without any reservation, endorse Sisi as the person you would contact when you visit Sri Lanka. Working with him will provide a first class experience of Sri Lanka.

Do yourself a favour - contact him now.

Brian (c/o The Doolan Family) Australians in Brunei Sth East Asia

Our original interest in Sri Lanka was prompted by the great cricket test matches played with the West Indies over the years. We have just returned from a wonderful 8 night road trip of this delightful country. We were not sure that our party of 4 adults and 2 children, aged 4 and 10 respectively, could achieve a cross country experience and gain a full flavour of this part of the world within such a short timescale.

We were, however, blessed in being put into the hands of one of the country's finest tour guides. He was introduced to my daughter through a colleague from her school who, only recently, had the opportunity of touring with Sisi. He is a gentle, caring man who welcomes you as a family group. His knowledge and assessment as a tour guide has been tested for some 15 years and whatever the weather or wishes of his clients Sisi, as we fondly called him, would accommodate and reorganise plans as is appropriate.

As a driver he is very positive about his decision making and we were all full of admiration for driving skills by completion of the tour.

One of the many great drives took us to where Sisi lives...a place called Ella...famous for the abduction of Sita from Rama. It is an area that exudes with natural beauty and makes up part of the many world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. As a bonus in the obvious sense of pride he has for his hometown he extended an invitation for us to have a meal at his son-in law's restaurant. It is appropriately named Adam's Breeze ( close to little Adam's peak). The time blew away that evening as we consumed the best of a gastronomic feast and certainly top of our dining experience over the 8 days. More than that we were entertained by some fine reggae music by the master himself, Bob Marley. Sisi's daughter was also present and is a teacher of English. Thank you all for this memorable evening.

Ella marked the beginning of the end of our stay and after a couple of unfortunate rainy days by the seaside and a far too brief look at Galle and Colombo it was time to say goodbye ( for the time being) to Sisi.

Sisi has mutually agreed that we need to return to give this tour at least 14 days and we are seriously considering this. In the meantime saying goodbye to Sisi has to be put into those famous words....'parting in such sweet sorrow'. Thank you Sisi.

Lenox and Maureen Coppin, Surrey England and Mullins Barbados.

Our party of 5 independent travellers engaged the services of Sisi to get us from Ella to Mirissa. He was by far the best driver we had during out holiday in Sri Lanka. We felt very safe in his hands, unlike scary experiences with mad men bus drivers. Highly recommend Sisi!(May 2012)

Peter Tuohy

We recently had a wonderful 11 day holiday in Sri Lanka. Sisi is a friendly, trustworthy and dependable driver that made our holiday one of the best we have had. He is honest and a genuinely lovely person. Every day he would drive us not only where we wanted to go but would go out of his way to show us places of interest / attractions. He did not have to do this and most drivers would not have. The difference is that he personally wanted to take us.

He is not only a driver but was always there to help and assist us i.e. where we needed a translator etc. We never booked any hotels and Sisi helped us to negotiate discounted prices at hotels. Again this is not something he did not have to do but helped us save money along the way.

We have very special memories from our holiday. We highly recommend him. You wont go wrong so go ahead and book him. We will certainly come back again.

Michael & Ella

Our family traveled is Sri Lanka 3 weeks and we hired Sisi upon a recommendation from travels site

We traveled with Sisi 12 days

We were very happy & glad to know Sisi that was our driver & wonderful guide

He knew to took us to wonderful & uniq places and find us best places to stay

Sisi is very Honest, gentle person and tack care of us like he was our father

We Highly recommend you to know Sri Lanka with Sisi

Galit Amnon ,Jonathan ,Tamat ,& Ariel


We had the luck to travel with Sisi for two weeks. Sisi is an amazing driver and even a better tour guide. He took us to all the great places and every evening he drove to a number of hotels until we were satisfied with the place we got. If you want to realy expirience Sri Lanka - call him!

Gil @ Manuela Hod


In this last Augost we traveled in Sri Lanka. Our driver was Sisi, and we found him through the Internet and we were so lucky too have him. He is a very kind person, speaking English very well, knows alot about Sri Lanka and most of the fun on this trip and our tour was thanks to Sisi.

So if you fly to Sri Lanka, make sure that Sisi is available to be your driver and after that you can fly there.

Sisi thank you very much from the buttom of my hert, we enjoyed a lot and maybe we will come back to Sri Lanka one day, thanks to you.

Much love,

Liza & Miki


We pre-booked train tickets from Ella to Nanu Oya. On the day of departure we found out all train personnel was on a strike. Fortunately we met Sisi, who was willing to help out. He could arrange a good price for a ride in his van to Nanu Oya. Furthermore we found that Sisi is a very good and careful driver. We highly recommend Sisi for your travels!


We just came back from a 5 day trip to Sri Lanka(December 2012: way to short by the way)and I must say that having Sisi with us was definitly one of the highlight of our stay. Sisi was very ponctual, always willing to help, making good suggestions while being very discreet and having the best drive...ever, very safe and cautious at all time.

I must say I was the first one to doubt of the seriouness of booking a driver via Internet but I mark my word when I say that booking Sisi was the best choice I have made and I will definitely book him again or recommend it to my friends should they were considering to visit Sri Lanka.

Thank you Sisi for showing us so many wonderful things.

Take Care

Audrey & Family


November 2012 - we first came across Sisi on the internet - within 1 day of our inquiry he came back with a total cost for our 24 day holiday in Sri Lanka. We certainly were not sorry. Sisi can only be describe as a "truly warm & friendly gentleman with a vast knowledge of his country". For 24 days, Sisi provided us with the utmost of services, being available 24/7 during the trip - driver, guide, translator, photographer, confidant & guardian. While we had our own itinerary, Sisi quickly grasped our way of doing thing (being Aussies) and simply enhanced our experiences with those little touches and suggestions...we were never sorry. Sisi & his family who were had the honour of meeting in Ella, touched our hearts so much that we are coming back in 2014. If you want to see the real Sri Lanka (not the tourist side), you really need to contact Sisi at sisimalietours@ Sisi & his family have influenced our lives so much that we are seriously want to look at moving to Sri Lanka for 6 months of the year (we are true blue Aussies who barrack for Sri Lanka cricket now). Sri Lanka & Sisi are truly "the Pearl of the Indian Ocean"...our new moto for Sisimalie Tours is:- "see the real Sri Lanka with Sisi".

We would never hesitate on recommending Sisi for any tour or holiday you decide in Sri Lanka.

Michael & Sharon

March, 2013

We have just returned home from a truly memorable time in Sri Lanka, and feel truly compelled to share our secret...Sisi

Our itinerary was a push. We knew we were "packing it in", but not one word of complaint from Sisi. He drove and drove...always smiling and gracious. Always offering suggestions of extra things to do, or perfect pictures to take (to my husbands delight!) We felt cared for...

Sisi is all that is mentioned above. We found him to be honest, puncutual, patient and extremely considerate. Our two teenage children felt that he was our minder...I, on the other hand, remember him mostly for tending to wounds I incurred after a fall. (I can not thank you enough for your care that day Sisi). No matter what we did, or where we went, Sisi would always check that we had everything we needed and also ensured we didn't leave anything behind.

After spending a week with Sisi, we were all truly sad to say goodbye...

SO...if you are wishing to hire someone to enhance your time in Sri Lanka...this is you man!

Sisi, we hope to one day return to Sri Lanka and look forward to seeing you again

All our love,

Donna, Jerome, Brad and Eliza.

June, 2013,

We had the good fortune to hire Sisi's services for a two week tour through Sri Lanka. Sisi really lived up to all the kind words spoken of him by his previous clients. He is a very honest, gentle and proud man, who really is concerned about the welfare of others. He took particular care of our needs and made sure we had a great holiday. Nothing was to much trouble. We had the great pleasure of meeting his family, and dining at his restaurant where we had a beautiful meal, and he wouldn't let us pay because it was my wife's birthday.

I would recommend Sisi to any one who wants to see Sri Lanka.

Wayne & Megan Friend


June 2013

We spent 10 days in Sri Lanka and our experience was made so much better by Sisi. He was honest, punctual, and gave in to what we wanted to do (despite him knowing there would be bad traffic, etc.). He always reminded us to be careful of our belongings while walking on the streets and asked if we'd taken our passports as we travelled from hotel to hotel.

What really stood out for us was when he was mistakenly asked to send another guest to the hospital that was a few hours away at 2am - he did it, without getting paid or even a word of thanks from that guest. So impressed by his selflessness!

He never brought us to touristy places where he could earn commission, but only where we had wanted to go - and often would offer to stop at different places for us to take photos, although we were often too lazy to do so...

Sisi is also such a hilarious gentleman - we had so much fun laughing away with him over various things.

We look forward to seeing you again Sisi!


Natania & Tim

July 2013

We travelled with Sisi 15 days in July 2013.

We had a great time! Sisi is a very experienced driver and even the traffic is bad, he is very professional to drive very good and carefully! He is also very punctual and helps with all kind of things. He knows Sri Lanka very good and gives suggestions to enjoy it even more.

Thank you Sisi for the great time in Sri Lanka!

Guido & Eef


August 2013

Prior to our journey to Sri Lanka we contacted Sisi via email and asked him to do a 8 day trip with us throughout this beautiful country. We told him which sights and parts of the island we would like to see and Sisi suggested an itinerary and booked the accommodation for us. The trip he organized was amazing. He showed us parts of the country we would probably never have visited and provided us with very interesting background knowledge concerning culture, religion, food, people, animals, etc.. He was always very punctual, friendly, polite, funny and is a really good driver. We always felt very safe with him as he always took care of us. We even had the pleasure to meet his family at "Adam`s Breeze Restaurant" in Ella where we had the most delicious Sri Lankan Curry and Curd and Tricle ever!!!

We had such a great time and so much fun with him on our trip and hope to come back soon.

Thank you so much Sisi for a wonderful trip we will never forget, we look forward to hopefully seeing you again!

All our love,

Karin & Antonio, Germany

November/December 2013

This is our 2nd trip with Sisi and it was certainly an eye opener - North to Jaffna then to Trincomalee on to Batticaloa & Arugambay then Ella & Negombo - 7 weeks in all. Sisi was always there to help with those little problems that might come up. Ordering the right street foods, getting hotels/guesthouses managers to understand Australian...chatting with the locals...all with a low key approach so as not upset yr plans....a raining, wet day in Trincomalee, sitting down & showing everyone (including Sisis) how to use Facebook. Travelling with Sisi is not about a Sri Lankan's about experiencing the real, down to earth Sri Lanka.

Check out, for pictures of our trip.

Michael Smith

The quick: Definitely recommend, trustworthy, nice van with AC!

The longer: This review is long over due and I apologize Sisi! We met Sisi in Ella and were headed to Yala National Park and Galle. After settling on a price the previous night he showed up the next morning and we were on our way. He stopped and mentioned a few places along the way including a waterfall and paused in the road while pointing out wildlife...including an elephant standing in the middle of the road! His accent could be a little difficult, but overall there was no problem. Looking forward to going back again! please feel free to email me for further details!


We made a roundtrip with the assistant of Sisi, Kapila, in December of 2013.

The trip was amazing as well as our driver. He knew all the right places, drove safely, was always on time, was very friendly and very reliable.

We would really recommend Sri Lanke because of the beaches, the people, the inland and its history. And we would recommend Kapila as well.

Sisi made sure that everything went allright. He phoned is bij the start of the trip and also at the end of the trip. Something we really appreciated and doesn't happen often with other touroperators.

We wish Sisi and Kapila all the best and please book them when you need assistance in Sri Lanke.

All the best,

Ursula and Richard

The Netherlands

Hello everybody,

In February 2014 we spent few weeks in Sri Lanka. We found Sisi through this page and we can only say we were lucky with our choice.

Sisi is not only fantastic driver (my wife only falls asleep as passenger when feeling fully safe-and she slept many times during driving with Sisi. Please bare in mind we are talking chaotic asian roads here-so he really is a pro) but also a person who has immense emotional intelligence. He was observing us and by that considering what would be the best for us. This is a very rare quality in this world today.

Personally I am on a wheelchair and this was my first trip to not only Sri Lanka but also first trip to Asia. And by being on wheelchair I mean really not being able to move most of my body (C6 Quadriplegic-complete). Those of you who know what that means can imagine how many things can go wrong... And nothing went wrong (beside sun burns, but that was my fault entirely...) And we only had reservations for first and last 2 nights. Sisi found us the type of rooms I could use or arranged a ramp to be made,took us to places I could visit, made calls and checked things and after few days already knew my needs and problems I might encounter etc. When going to Yala Park he got up at 4.30 in the morning to help me to enter the terrain vehicle and went with us to make sure I was OK. In case any of you has disability and would like to talk about travel considerations, obstacles and accessibility issues in Sri Lanka you can contact Sisi and ask him about my mail. If I can I will gladly help.

Anyway, shortly, I can only fully and with no hesitation recommend Sisi. Great driver, great person, great friend.



PS:If you go to Sri Lanka-visit Ella. And in Ella you can have most beautiful views, and dont forget to visit Adams Breeze restaurant and when there ask for local food (some might not even be on menu)...and you get food which is hard to match. Each person has his/her taste, but in my opinion Sri Lanka has food that can not be compared to western food, has fruits and veggies that dont yet include chemicals that make them look "fresh" for 3 months and which have taste and smell as it should be-and after experiencing Sri Lanka you see how underprivileged we are in the west in sense of food,sun,sea,nature... In this sense, Sri Lanka is a paradise on Earth.

My friends and I travelled with Sisi for six days in April 2014 and we absolutely loved it!

Sisi is a great driver and general companion for a trip to Sri Lanka - he keeps his eyes out for fantastic views and hidden animals to maximise your enjoyment of the driving time and your holiday photos!

As a group of girls, we felt Sisi really looked after us and helped limit the amount of hassle we had from local guides at the various tourist attractions.

Whilst we planned our own itinerary, Sisi has some good suggestions for additions/on-the-way stops which added to the journey and never pushed to us to go to any tourists restaurants or sites we didn't want to visit.

We also visited Sisi's Adam's Breeze restaurant in Ella and had wonderful lime tea and coconut roti!!

I would highly recommend Sisi to anybody travelling to Sri Lanka. We wished he had kept travelled with him longer!


A good friend of us was in Sri Lanka in 2013 and got to know the country with Sisi, because somebody had suggested him. So, we were really happy, when he gave us Sisi's contact, because we knew that we good trust his advise.

We spent three weeks in total in Sri Lanka and wanted to do the whole thing - traveling by train, by bus, by plane and with a driver. So we contacted Sisi and he answered directly and was very flexible and made suggestions when we told him what we wanted to see. We booked five days in the beginning to travel through central and southern Sri Lanka (Ella, Sinharaja, Nuwara Eliya, Yala).

When we did that, we had such a good time that we decided to ask Sisi if we could prolonge the time with him for another five days to see the cultural triangle, because it was May and low season. In high season, it is important to book enough time in advance, because he'll have a fully booked schedule, of course.

We loved the time we had in Sri Lanka and we had a perfect time with Sisi, who became more than our driver in these few days. He's the perfect guide with a lot of experience and knowledge of places that you don't read about in a guide book and a very, very nice person to spend time with.

We will come back to Sri Lanka and we will again drive around with Sisi!

Sisi also has his own Facebook fan page now. Check it out and see some of the newest photos:

We are looking forward to seeing you again, Sisi

Alex & Doro

My girlfriend and I spent a month in Sri Lanka earlier this year and were fortunate enough to spend 12 days with Sisi. What an absolute treasure he is! I had planned quite a bit of our trip before we arrived but left room to flex, and I was glad I did. It was so wonderful to be accompanied by someone who loves their country so much and is so willing to share it with you. Taking us off the beaten path to show us surprises as well as accommodating our itinerary was very appreciated. He was such a calm and pleasant person we didn't worry or stress once. Calling ahead (as we spent two weeks on our own before meeting up with him) to see how we were enjoying Sri Lanka before we even met him was extremely thoughtful and speaks to his high level of conduct and professionalism. Travelling through a country with someone who knows it so well is such a relief, more than once he recommended a wonderful place to eat and was more than willing to relocate if the accommodations didn't seem adequate. His conduct behind the wheel of his extremely comfortable van was exceptional. In a country where traffic can be crazy he was most certainly the calm eye of the storm. We were very sad to say good-bye and after doing so wished we had spent our last days travelling around some more! We absolutely loved Sri Lanka and Sisi was a big part of our wonderful experience. We highly recommend Sisi as a driver as he will definitely make your trip all the better. Thanks Sisi, hopefully we'll be back in your wonderful country soon!

Travis & Erin from Canada

Hi everyone,

A quick message to recommend Sisi as guide and driver for all kind of sightseeing around Sri Lanka. He is a safe driver and always offers interesting options (that we never have to accept if we don't want). Fair prices, really comfortable van, good English and good wildlife knowledge.

Vincent and Anne-Julie

We did a short trip to mainly Ella and Mount Lavinia and are glad that we had Sisi as our guide and driver. Sisi is a safe driver and is very familiar with places of interest in Sri Lanka. He's a great travel companion and was never pushy with his recommendations. We had a great and enjoyable trip. Curd with honey at Sisi's son-in-law's restaurant Adam's Breeze was an extremely delightful dessert. It was also thoughtful of Sisi to give us a quick tour of Colombo's charming architecture on the way to the airport during our short trip. We highly recommend Sisi as your driver while travelling in this beautiful country.

Our 8 day whirlwind tour of Sri Lanka was tiring but full of highlights. Sisi quietly, safely and efficiently drove us to the sights, sounds and tastes of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura gave us truly ancient culture and religion, Trincomalee provided a lazy idyllic seaside town for some beach time, Kandy for the beautiful gardens and temples, Ella had stunning hill country scenery, hiking and sumptuous local food at a special restaurant,Yala enabled us to explore the famous National Park and wildlife and finally busy Colombo for the beautiful colonial sights and that well deserved stop for Starbucks coffee on our last day! Sisi packaged all this into a tour that necessitated much travelling (over 1500 Km's) but plenty of stops along the way. He always took our wishes and needs into account and his driving and experience on the ever crowded roads was amazing. We have no reservations about recommending Sisi as tour guide /driver for your Sri Lanka experience. Our only regret is that we ran out of days to do everything Sri Lanka has to offer.

Garry and Phyllis Thin (New Zealanders working in Brunei Darussalam)

We organized 6 days with Sisi over the internet. We weren't sure on what to expect. He picked us up from our hotel in Colombo and from then till the day he had to leave us was an experience we will never forget.

Sisi showed us sites that tourists would want to see and when we asked for something different he stepped up to the plate and took us to places where not may visited. We were never disappointed. He showed us how to eat as a local, taught us to speak a bit of Sri Lankan and he taught my husband how to wear a sarong. We have no hesitation in referring Sisi as a driver to anyone who whishes to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka.

Our only regret was that our time was so short. We should have stayed for 3 months to see the country to it's fullest. Should we revisit Sri Lanka we will definitely be seeking Sisi as our driver again.

Thank you Sisi for making our trip to Sri Lanka so wonderful. We wish you and your family all the very best.

Gisela & Graeme Pearce (Australia)

Recommended by Trip Advisor Sisi met us at the airport, as pre arrange, and for the next 5 days we felt safe and comfortable being driven by him along the busy and often badly maintained roads of Sri Lanka. With an airconditioned vehicle Sisi, always courteous and polite gave us options of things to do and where to go but was never invasive or pushy. Amid the chaos of busy towns he always drove calmly and safely. Sisi always made sure we were comfortable in our hotel room often translating our needs to staff. He was always punctual and the vehicle was always cleaned after our use for the next day. We shall use Sisi again for our next and longer trip to Sri Lanka.

Sisi has been our driver for five days in January 2015. I contacted him by mail and we have arranged everything before we came to SL. Sisi picked us up at the airport with his comfortable van as promised. He also brought a baby chair for my 4 years old son. We were really glad that we hired him. He was always driving carefully, knew all the roads and services by the road. Sisi managed all SL chaotic traffic situations with patience and made fun out of it. He also arranged us some very good hotels for a good price. He was always on time, and always respected all our agreements.

You spend a lot of time with your driver so it is important what kind of person he is. Sisi is a noble man and a great travel companion, always in a good mood. He is proffessional, polite and honest. You can trust him. He helps with his suggestions, regarding the travel, but he is never pushy. He likes to answer any of your question about SL, but otherwise he is not a loud man.

Sisi, thank you for everything again!

Neja (Slovenia)

Ich kann mich allen vorherigen Kommentaren nur anschliessen. Sisi ist wirklich ein absolut freundlicher und zuverlässiger Fahrer. Wir waren über Ostern (2015) zwei Wochen zu dritt mit ihm auf Sri Lanka unterwegs. Ich habe ihn über Bekannte empfohlen bekommen, die schon vor zwei Jahren mit ihm unterwegs waren. Auf Mails antwortet er sofort und schlägt auch passend zu den jeweiligen Wünschen eine Reiseroute vor. Dabei kann man sich voll und ganz auf ihn verlassen. Er ist sehr erfahren (er macht diese Touren seit über 20 Jahren) und versteht es, auf die Bedürfnisse der Reisegruppe einzugehen. Auch die Hotels bucht er schon im Vorhinein (wenn man dies möchte). Er kennt die Insel so gut, dass man viele Orte kennenlernt, an denen man als Tourist wahrscheinlich ansonsten vorbei fahren würde. Er bringt einen jeden Tag zuverlässig und pünktlich (mit seinem klimatisierten Van) zu einem Start- oder Aussichtspunkt und wartet dort, bis man wieder zurück ist.

Die Sachen kann man dabei im Auto lassen (er bleibt stets in der Nähe und schliesst auch immer ab). Von seiner Art her ist Sisi sehr höflich, freundlich und sehr sehr zuverlässig. Er antwortet auf alle Fragen (in einem guten Englisch), ist ansonsten eher ein stillerer Typ. Was sehr angenehm ist, denn man verbringt sehr viel Zeit gemeinsam und jemand der ständig redet, ist vielleicht auch nicht jedermanns Sache. Beim Essen gesellt er sich meist zu den anderen Fahrern, ein paar Mal hat er aber (nur auf unseren vorherigen ausdrücklichen Wunsch hin) mit uns gemeinsam gegessen. Besonders schön war, dass wir seine Familie in Ella kennengelernt haben. Er ist sehr stolz darauf, dass sein Schwiergersohn ein kleines Restaurant (Adam`s Breeze) in Ella führt und wir wurden abends zu einem herrlichen und sehr schmackhaften 3 Gänge Menü eingeladen.

Ich könnte noch unendlich lange weiter schreiben und schwärmen. Wenn ihr überlegt, einen Fahrer auf Sri Lanka zu buchen, dann kann man Sisi wirklich nur wärmstens empfehlen!

Danielle (Deutschland) - März/April 2015

Since there are already so many comments in English I decided to write one in German. For those of you who do not speak German, I basically just repeated what everyone else said (and which is true!): Sisi is absolutely trustworthy, honest, patient, polite and very professional. He is doing this job for about 20 years now and you`ll definitely not regret booking a tour with him!

You can ask him to plan an itinerary in advance or just tell him where you want to go to. He'll also book hotels in advance if you wish to. Just tell him the average price range in advance.

Everything else you can read in the other comments below, as I already said, they're really true.

Danielle (Germany) - went to Sri Lanka in March/April 2015

In March 2016 I spent one day with Sisi (from Ella - to Mirissa). It was a very comfortable and enjoyable ride and I would highly recommend Sisi for tours of any kind.


I can highly recommend Sisi as a driver/guide. We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka - Sisi was our driver for the full two weeks. We would certainly echo all the many positive things other reviewers have said - he was patient, considerate, very professional, not pushy, always reliable and punctual, as well as being a really safe driver ( when the surrounding traffic appeared to be chaotic to say the least!) We never had a moments concern when being driven by him.He proved to be very easy company, important when you are spending so much time together. We had pretty fixed ideas about what we wanted to do and where to go, but found there was scope to flex and incorporate Sisi's suggestions & do things on the spur of the moment. It was all very relaxed. Our three days in Ella felt very special - this is Sisi's home town and it was great to meet members of his family.

It was a definite plus that Sisi was so knowledgeable about flora and fauna (in fact he was more observant when we went to Uda Walawe national park than the two local driver/guides!)

Sisi helped make this a fantastic trip - we want to return soon.

Sisi - thank you

Penny & Andrew

We read the very positive reviews on this website before engaging Sisi for a week in August 2016 while visiting Sri Lanka.

We can now endorse every positive comment written about Sisi; competent and calm driver, a relaxed quietly spoken gentleman, pleased to share his knowledge and experience and what's more he has a delightful sense of humour.

What we can add is that he goes the extra yards for his clients. -When we were disappointed with pre booked accomodation he tapped into his network, found us something much better and organised to move us.

When we had trouble securing train tickets he went to great lengths to buy the unused tickets that are held back for rail official's travel.

So yes, we highly recommend Sisi, he's a bonza bloke, as Australians would say.

Diane and Otto

April, 2017

We met Sisi in Ella on our travels around Sri Lanka. The many positive reviews on his home page convinced us he was the driver for us. We travelled with him for 3 days from Ella to Kataragama, Yala and Mirissa. We appreciated his careful driving, his knowledge of local places, events and customs which he freely imparted and his pleasant good humour. We would totally recommend Sisi to anyone needing a driver and guide in Sri Lanka.

Andy and Sue

July 6, 2017

We were introduced to Sisi through a family member who had engaged him for a family trip in 2016. He came highly recommended and did not disappoint. We are used to travelling independently so having a driver was a new experience for both of us. Sisi has a deep knowledge of his country and has many contacts. He took us to places that we would have missed either because they are not in guide books or are not easy to reach otherwise. He is very flexible and was able to organise things at short notice. We wanted to do a cooking class but were unable to book prior so he introduced us to a friend who runs a classy establishment and we worked in their kitchen. Another time, the accommodation that we had booked online was unsuitable so he quickly phoned another contact who was able to offer us a nice room at a really good rate. Throughout our 2-week trip Sisi pointed out many things along the way and offered good explanations for most of our questions. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Sri Lanka, largely due to Sisi's work and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering engaging a driver to safely navigate the highways and byways of Sri Lanka.

Marie O'Brien & Jim Sheridan

We enjoyed a fantastic 10 day holiday in Sri Lanka in February - March 2017 with Sisi as our driver & guide. He was recommended by friends of ours in Australia who've done 2 trips with him in Sri Lanka and we were not disappointed. We're independent travellers & it was our first time hiring a driver. But amidst the chaotic traffic of the island Sisi was the calmest driver ever, confidently navigating the comfortable air conditioned van without speeding or any form of aggression whatsoever so we felt safe & happy at all times. He also dropped us off directly at the airport for our very early morning flight onwards on our last day which was greatly appreciated.

We contacted Sisi & organised our trip via email, developing a great itinerary through parts of the cultural triangle, central highlands & west coast. Sri Lanka is a beautiful diverse country & Sisi did exceptionally well in showing us so many gems in such a short time. We especially loved the central highlands. Sisi adapted to our requests to see parts of the west coast which were much more commercial & touristy than we anticipated. In Hikkaduwa he helped us find a good clean budget hotel after some guest houses were less than up to standard.

My partner & I love cooking and learning new recipes from different parts of the world we travel to & wanted to do a cooking class in Sri Lanka. So Sisi's daughter spent a whole afternoon cooking with us a banquet of 6 recipes at her husbands restauant in Ella which we had for dinner that evening. Since returning home we regularly cook these dishes and are happy we can grow most of the ingredients in our own tropical garden. Sisi even took us to a local market so we could buy a coconut grinder to take home as I love coconut sambal so much!

Thank you Sisi for making our holiday to Sri Lanka so much fun & helping us find a few beers at the end of the day!

We highly recommend Sisi as a driver & guide in Sri Lanka. He's so calm, genuine & knowledgeable and will definitely help you to see the true Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Anne & Rob

Dec 13, 2017

We spent 5 days in Sri Lanka, from Colombo to Galle, and Sisi was our driver and partner for our trip. He was highly recommended by a friend, and our experience with him was also great. We could trust him and were very happy with his recommendations, and he always accommodated our questions or requests with smile, never forced us to do anything we didn't want, we felt he cared a lot and wanted us to have a good time in Sri Lanka. Would definitely want to meet him again next time we travel to Sri Lanka, highly recommended!


January 2018

During our stay in Sri Lanka in dec-Jan 2018 we contracted a driver for our stay. For the first days of our stay, when going to the Hill country, he contracted Sisira from Ella to be our guide, and did that very good.

Sisira had a very good experience of the area, of course, giving us a very good insight to culture, history and values. He helped us a lot to get our lost bags back from the airline.

A visit to his familyâ s restaurant in Ella is a must - see Adams Breeze. His English is very good.

We can only give our best recommendations to Sisira.

Thanks for a valuable vacation in Sri Lanka!

The Sandberg Family, Sweden.

Feb. 2018

We hired Sisi as our driver for a six day trip around the ancient cities and via the hill country to the south coast. He was a delight; he knows the country intimately, drives gently and safely, and is always willing to accommodate his guests wishes. His van is spacious and comfortable, with independent AC for the rear passengers. He speaks good English and is easy to get on with, willing to answer lots of questions but not imposing himself otherwise. And very kind- we're in our early seventies and he looked after us carefully and unobtrusively. He also arranged our transfer back to the airport much cheaper than our hotel's rate. Highly recommended!

Richard & Rosie

May 2018

We had a 5 day trip with Mr. Sisi to the Hill Country and proceeded to the East Coast for a couple of days. Mr. Sisi is a kind, helpful and very professional gentleman. He is very trustworthy and very knowledgeable. He accommodates all your wishes and is a true authentic guide that has a deep love for his country and proud to show you around. We will most definitely hire a tour with Mr. Sisi again and last but not leas, we highly recommend him to others.

Nirmali and Christian


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